Manoj Kumar Jena

The trending song ‘Gulabi Sharara’ has taken the internet by storm. From kids to celebrities, everyone is grooving to this track. 

Instagram is filled with thousands of reels made by creators in this song which are encouraging others to join the trend. 

Recently, a video of a teacher dancing with her students to the 'Gulabi Sharara' song went viral on various social media platforms.  

The viral clip features, the teacher wearing a beautiful saree and performing the hook steps with her students. Even wearing a saree, the teacher was flawlessly dancing with her students and outmatching her student’s energy. 

The video went viral like wildfire on social media as it garnered a whopping 10 million views in just four days. 

The video was shared on the Instagram handle of user @kajalasudanii with a grateful caption for the audience,

“Thank you all for the incredible support! 7 million views on Instagram – your enthusiasm means the world to me Grateful for each one of you joining this journey! I am a strict teacher while teaching but also enjoys along with students. It was the time when an annual gathering happened in school. We believe apart from studies, extra curricular activities makes students overall performers. The video was requested by students and was taken with consent. Our passion for dance and art could be seen from the video! Grateful for your love and support,” (SIC)

Watch the video below: