Rashmi Rekha Das

Trigonometry is considered a tough subject compared to Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.  This is the reasons many students find it most challenging. But if it is taught properly, it cannot be that hard.

Of late, a US-based Indian teacher developed an unconventional unique way to help students memorise Trigonometry.  This old video of the teacher teaching his students by singing trigonometric formulae rather than utilising traditional teaching methods has gone viral in social media.  In the video even students were seen singing the formulas loudly in unison.

This method would definitely help students to memorise the formulae quickly in this manner, many parents vouch.
The video was shared by a user named AK on Twitter. He wrote: “Math also can be fun...Indian teacher teaching Trigonometry in the US”. And the video has gained immense popularity soon after being posted in Twitter.

Notably, the video was first shared on Facebook in 2012. Now it is now going viral once more almost ten years later because of its intriguing theme and content. Netizens thoroughly enjoyed this unique style of teaching and flooded the comment sections with emojis and good remarks. 

So far, the video has amassed more than 9 lakh views, 4,000 retweets, and over 23 thousand likes.

One user on social media expressed excitement in response to this video by writing, “You won’t believe my math teacher used to do a similar thing for many math formulas/theorems. Ah! He didn’t do it for trigonometry.”