Manoj Kumar Jena

The Internet is filled with many adorable videos of animals but there are other sets of videos that show the vicious side of the animal kingdom. As the food chain in the animal kingdom depends on the cycle of predator and prey, animals who hunt in packs sometimes become deadly for the mighty animals as well. 

Recently, the video of a pack of dogs initiating a deadly attack on a king cobra is going viral on various social media platforms. 

In the video, around five dogs can be seen around a huge king cobra. Despite being the most poisonous snake, the king cobra looked helpless in front of the pack of dogs. 

In an intent to kill, the dogs strategically attacked the poisonous reptile, saving themselves from its deadly bites. 

As the video proceeded, the dogs can be seen brutally dragging the snake.  

The video ended abruptly leaving the netizens in suspense whether the cobra could survive or not. 

The video was shared on the Instagram handle of tyrese with the caption, “Exactly how a snake should be treated.”

The netizens left their remarks in the comment section as one user wrote, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and another user wrote, “Great example of good teamwork to take down a powerful enemy.”

Till the filing of this report, the post has amassed a whopping 27.7 million views. 

WATCH the video below:


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