Manoj Kumar Jena

Showing affection to partners is not uncommon, but it often invites trouble when done at the wrong place. The internet is filled with many videos where couples land in soup for public displays of affection. Sometimes, couples take their love to the next level, which raises concern for the upcoming generation. 

In a recent incident, a viral video that depicted a couple hugging on a moving scooter has sparked outrage on social media. 

In the video, the couple can be seen moving on a scooter. They can be seen wrapping themselves with a shawl and hugging on the moving scooter. The duo was also seen not wearing helmets. 

After the video made it to social media, it gained traction within seconds and the netizens expressed concerns over the action of the couple. 

The comment section was filled with netizens demanding action against the couple as one user wrote, “The police should nab the instantly, and another user commented, “The government should take this kind of incidents seriously.” (SIC)

The video was shared on the X (formerly Twitter) handle of Bandra Buzz with the caption, “This daring duo was spotted at Bandra Reclamation, turning heads with their unconventional scooter ride. We kindly request your attention to ensure everyone's safety on the roads.” (SIC)

Till the filing of this report, the video has amassed 5.4K views. 

WATCH the video below: