Rashmi Rekha Das

Indian weddings are full of rituals and traditions. Among these, the varmala ceremony deserves a special mention as a particularly intriguing one. Varmala marks the beginning of a wedding in which the bride and groom put garlands around each other’s neck.

Of late, a video of varmala ceremony from a wedding ceremony is doing rounds on social media. In the clip, a bride can be seen showing off her incredible flexibility during varmala ceremony.

An Instagram user identified as Prachi Tomar shared the video and captioned ‘WHEN THE BRIDE TOOK YOGA TOO SERIOUSLY’. 

The viral video shows the bride putting a garland around the groom’s neck. And when the groom’s turn comes, the bride makes it really difficult for the groom to put the garland around her neck. The bride can be seen bending back in an arch despite wearing a heavy lehenga. However, the groom took it as a challenge and put the garland around the bride’s neck at the end. 


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Posted on December 10, the video so far has garnered 1.7 million views and several comments. The internet was impressed by the bride’s bending skill. 

“Those bending abilities will have many benefits”, a user commented.

Another user posted, “Bride is giving Matrix movie effect.”

“She's showing her flexibility”, wrote the third user. 

The fourth user commented “180-degree linear bend.”

The fifth user mentioned, “She was practising for that moment her whole life.”