Poonam Singh

The internet is filled with multiple viral wedding videos ranging from emotional speeches to dreamy entrances of the bride and groom. We have spotted a similar interesting video on Instagram that has recently gone viral. The clip is from the varmala ceremony. In the video, just as the ritual is about to commence, the bride and groom can be seen having war over varmala.

The video was shared by a wedding page on Instagram called ‘witty_wedding’. In the video, one can see cute chemistry between a groom and his bride as the bride doges the groom as he tries to put the garland around her neck. 

The groom, dressed in a beige sherwanis is seen trying hard to put the garland but the bride clad in her heavy bridal lehenga, can be seen dodging him and bending backwards, making it difficult for her husband-to-be to put the garland around her neck. 

However, at last, the groom succeeds in putting the garland on his bride. But the highlight of the video was the ‘sweet kiss’ the bride and groom shared after the latter successfully completed the varmala ritual. The couple was all smiles throughout this fun-filled act.

The video, which was posted on April 25, has garnered 32.8K views on Instagram.

Social media users are gushing over the video and sharing their lovely comments. One user wrote, “This was fun to watch". Another user wrote, “Such a cute video”, “Nice couple”, wrote the third Instagram user.