Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Sometimes, people end up in dangerous situations due to distractions or while under the influence of drugs, risking their lives in accidents.

However, there are also instances where people miraculously escape accidents in the blink of an eye while riding bikes or driving cars.

A video circulating online suggests that some believe the Hindu god of death, Yamraj, might be taking a break during these moments, allowing people to survive.

In one scene captured by CCTV camera, diners at a restaurant narrowly avoid injury when a speeding car suddenly enters their vicinity.

Another video shows a scooter rider narrowly avoiding a head-on collision by swiftly maneuvering at a U-turn.

In another clip, a biker narrowly escapes being hit by a falling tree that lands on the scooter's handlebars.

Similarly, a person sitting in the back of a car manages to leap out just in time to avoid injury when another vehicle crashes into theirs.

In a particularly dangerous scene, two pedestrians narrowly dodge a falling truck by grabbing onto each other.

Similarly, a person jumps out of harm's way just as a car approaches, avoiding a collision.

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The video has gained traction on social media, with users making humorous comments. 

One user joked 'Jab Yamraj chuti pe ho', another called them 'Luckiest people in the world', while another commented 'Yamraj honeymoon manane gaye hue hain'.

Yet another commented 'When Lord Shiva is your protector', alongside many more humorous remarks.

Caution: While showcasing swift driver actions, we do not endorse or promote potentially dangerous driving behavior depicted in these viral videos.