Soumya Prakash Pradhan

A video recently surfaced online showcasing the preparation of a whopping 500kg batch of Gobi Manchurian.

While this Indo-Chinese favourite typically delight people's taste buds, this particular video left a sour taste in the mouths of many viewers due to concerns about hygiene standards.

The viral clip meticulously documents the entire process undertaken by caterers, reportedly based in Surat to craft these delectable Manchurian balls.

Unfortunately, it reveals a somewhat disconcerting scene with several individuals, their attire seemingly inadequate, busy chopping cabbages and mixing them with flour.

The lack of attention to cleanliness is evident as these culinary rituals are performed with bare hands.

The entire video unfolds in just one minute, from the initial steps of cutting fresh green cauliflower to the fiery immersion of these delectable morsels into bubbling oil.

Each frame offers a synchronised visual narrative that captures the entirety of this preparation.

The video's caption, shared by the user, carries a clear disclaimer: "⚠️ If you love Manchurian, don't watch this video."

Despite this warning, the video has gained significant traction on the internet, amassing over 200,000 likes and garnering an impressive 5.5 million views.

The comment section has also been buzzing with activity, as netizens have voiced their thoughts on the video.

One user cheekily remarked, "Natural salts added successfully ✅," while another lamented, "Hygiene left the chat 😢."

Another humorous comment reads, "The more I watch such videos, the more it helps me to avoid eating out 😂."

The video's depiction of less-than-ideal hygiene practices even led one viewer to exclaim, "Literally half of his upper body is inside while mixing 🤮," while another quipped, "Nahna aur hagna bhul gaye bhai," humorously pointing out the dedication of the cooks to their task.