Manoj Kumar Jena

Marriage is a holy ritual, which binds two souls in a sacred union for the rest of their life. The bride and groom exchange vows to take care of each other and stand by each other through every hurdle.

The internet is filled with many reels and contents which showcase the beauty of marriage. Some viral videos depict the wholesome moments of bride and groom during their marriage ceremony, which makes the unmarried person desperate for marriage. However, a recent video of a marriage has raised the eyebrows of the netizens. 

The video of a groom taking ‘saat phere’ with his four brides during a marriage ceremony has gone viral on various social media platforms. 

So far, the location and the authenticity of the video are yet to be ascertained. 

In the viral clip, the groom can be seen wearing a white colour sherwani and his brides were adorned with perfect bridal dresses. The groom was seen leading the phere, where his brides were accompanying him for the ‘saat phere’ ritual. 

After the video was shared on the social media, it instantly surfaced on the internet raising too many questions in the head of the netizens. 

The video which was shared on the official X handle of @musafir_vj has amassed 71.9K views. 

The netizens raided the comment section and wrote hilarious comments. One user wrote, ‘We are unable to get one, he is chilling with four,’ and another user wrote, ‘this is a fake video, he is doing it for reels.’

Watch the video below: