Rashmi Ranjan

A couple of days after Patna railway station faced an awkward situation when a porn clip played at all the TV screens installed across the 10 platforms for three minutes, an old video of a couple crossing all limits of Public Display of Affection (PDA) at a railway platform is now going viral.

In the viral video, the couple can be seen locking lips and kissing each other standing at the edge of a platform. The couple even did not care about the presence of the public around the platform.

Though it is not clear when the video was shot, but several internet users are claiming it to be an old video that has resurfaced after the Patna railway station incident.

If the claims of the internet users are to be believed, the couple’s act was captured at Dombivli railway station in Maharashtra. Even several commuters had then reportedly lodged a police complaint.

Meanwhile, the video has divided the internet users. While some came in support of the couple, some criticised them for their act.

“Enjoy and don't look at them having a moment if you feel ashamed. Live and let live guys while giving others privacy in public places. Minor display of affection is allowed,” a user commented supporting the couple.

“@IndianRailMedia take a strict action against sir…now days its compulsory to everywhere in evry public places….couple are enjoying but lots of families are there what they feels ..shameful.. please govt make a strict rule against kissing in public places….shameless youth,” another user commented demanding action against the couple.