Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Lovebirds across the globe have already started celebration with the arrival of the ‘love week’. As only a few days are left for Valentine’s Day, singles and couples must have planned something exciting for the day. 

Enjoying street food amidst these celebrations, is certainly an invincible part of Indian youths. Without gorging on some street food, even this ‘love week’ may seem to be incomplete.

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If you are one such street food lover and have plans to satisfy your appetite with some delicious and spicy street food along with your lover or life partner, this ‘B.Tech Pani Puri Wali ’ has some special offer for you.

The content creator approaches to a girl selling panipuri or golgappa on a roadside stall. He greets her and asks, “Ma’am, do you have any offer for couples for February 14?”

To this the girl says, “Valentine’s Day is on 14 February, right?”

Here’s the conversation in brief:

Boy: I don’t know ma’am. 

Girl: Yes, it is on that day only.

Boy: Oh! So you know!
Girl: Yes, yes, I know (blushes). On Valentine’s Day, we have a special offer for couples. We will present a gift hamper to couples those who come to eat golgappa.

Boy: So, what is the gift hamper?

Girl: That is a surprise. The couple will know about that after opening the gift hamper. It is not for you, why will I disclose about it to you (smiles)?

Boy: If I bring someone then!

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Girl: When you bring one then you can know about it.

Boy: I can’t bring, I am single.

Watch the full video to know more about the further interaction between the golgappa wali and the video creator:

The video shared on Instagram by younickviral has gone viral with several netizens flooding comments over the innocence of the girl selling golgappa.