Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Two men fighting over a train seat in Mumbai local train; watch

Videos of incidents like fights in Delhi Metro and unusual occurrences in public places often go viral on social media.

Recently, a viral video shed light on the daily chaos of Mumbai's overcrowded local trains.

Securing a seat can sometimes lead to unexpected clashes, as seen in the video posted on a popular platform X.

The video captured a heated brawl between two commuters who physically fought over limited seating space.

While such scenes are not uncommon in Mumbai's bustling trains, what made this incident remarkable was the intervention of a fellow passenger who acted as a peacemaker.

The user who shared the video captioned it with, "Just a normal daily scene inside a crowded Mumbai Local. Loved the super cool referee."
Netizens also reacted to the video.

One user praised the good Samaritan who stepped in between the fighting commuters and managed to break up the fight.

In a touching comment, one person summed it up as "One nation, one train."