Vikash Sharma

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated images can be exciting but at the same, it has the potential to spread misinformation as well. Recently such AI-generated pictures related to the farmer's protests went viral on social media.

Under such circumstances, everybody needs to be vigilant as such images can blur the lines between truth and fiction.

Sharing a video, PIB Fact Check has suggested a number of tips through which one can easily spot AI-generated images.

Here are the tips:

Closely examine hair strands, body shape, skin with no pores, and fabric textures. Apart from this, people should look for objects defying gravity and objects intersecting unrealistic manner.

You also need to be wary of unrealistic shadows or unusual colour contrast, defying natural lighting logic.

One should look for shadows in multiple directions from the same source or appearing even on transparent objects.

One should also take a close look at the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and other facial features, appearing perfectly symmetrical as if meticulously mirrored.

Similarly, it is wise to always look for objects defying basic laws of physics, impossible animal movements, or illogical object interaction.

If these are not enough, there are a lot of online tools as well that can help to identify if any photo is generated by Artificial Intelligence or not.