Poonam Singh

There is no dearth of videos on the internet showing people attempting to click photos and videos with wild animals. While some of them are funny, others are downright dangerous.

It has now become a trend to click photos and selfies with tigers, leopards and even lions at zoos in South Asian countries. 

People can be seen getting dangerously close to wild cats who are chained. In a recent video circulating on social media platforms, two men can be seen trying to click pictures with a tiger to hilarious consequences.

The now-viral video shows two men can be seen sitting behind a chained tiger in an enclosure in a zoo as their friend busily takes pictures. We can also see the tiger continuously being poked in the face with a wooden stick.

Initially, the tiger first tries to ignore the stick but the next moment, it roars, scaring the two men and prompting them to rush out of the enclosure.

They can be seen rushing towards the exit to be safe from the angry tiger while one of the men tumbles down while they try to escape the enclosure.

Even though nobody was hurt, both the men could be seen having a sense of relief after they exited the enclosure.  One of them kneels and bows to God for saving him after coming out while the other man can be seen in shock and crying while scolding his friend.

The video was shared on Twitter by a user named @HasnaZarooriHai. It has close to 98.8K views. The clip triggered an array of reactions from the netizens.

"Tiger was like “what’s with these two guys”," a user wrote. " Enough of thrill for lifetime," commented another. " Love the way the tiger watches the show," expressed a third. " Le tiger- Kya hua bhai," remarked a fourth.