Poonam Singh

Without a doubt, if there's one kind of content that the internet is collectively obsessed with, it has got to be baby videos. So many children amaze us with their talent or simply make us smile with their adorable antics. Recently, a video of a cute baby model grabbed the attention of netizens and left them in awe of her ramp walk.

In the video, the little girl can be seen dressed in a pink frock with a white shoe walking down a ramp. The cute little girl can be seen coming to the middle the ramp and posing before turning back and continuing her walk.

The audience present for the fashion show could be heard clapping and cheering for the girl while watching her cute antics.

The undated video footage was uploaded on Twitter and was shared by the PoornimaNimo on Twitter with the caption, “I have never seen a more prettier sweetest cutest model.....the way she sticks out that stomach”. The video has so far received over 2K views and 347 likes as well.

Hundreds of users praised the baby model in the comments section of the video. "Aww so cute & confident," wrote one user while another wrote, " She's so cute and has the model swag " "Wow, what a cat walk. Feel like whistling," quipped another user.