Sanchita Mondal

There’s no doubt that dogs are a great blessing in anyone's life. And, when you have a golden retriever, you become an incredibly lucky person on earth. 

From cute facial expressions, hilarious antics, to loving and friendly nature make the Golden Retriever one of the finest family dogs in the world. But, what is it about them that has won the hearts and minds of millions?

Well, the Retriever's kind expression says it all! Admirably, there are countless great things about the 'goldens'. Their soulfulness, intelligence, loyalty, fast learning talent and affectionate nature make them the most-loved family dogs ever. 

Although every dog is an individual with its own quirks, some different traits of the canine companions make them awesome pets for all dog owners. Anyone who has spent time with the retrievers will know how much the canine companions love to please their humans. Well, non-dog people might think it strange but it’s true! 

Thankfully, the internet is full of such videos that can show how the cute goldens live with their owners and fill their lives with full of joy. Those wonderful videos also uplift people’s mood, almost instantly. 

One such video that has surfaced on the internet shows the bond between pet dad and the two cute goldens. Shared by a user named ‘Lady The Golden Retriever’ on Instagram, the video shows how dogs help their pet dad every morning. The caption of the cute video read, "Do you have an alarm like this."

Take a look at the video:

Well, not just only with owners, the golden retrievers build a great bond with toddlers and young children too. 

Recently, an adorable video went viral in which a toddler can be seen kissing and hugging her golden retriever dog. The video was originally shared by the Twitter user Buitengebieden on September 14, with the caption, "Sometimes you just need a hug."

Watch the adorable video below: