Cassian Baliarsingh

In a delightful display of deep bond with a student, a teacher at a school boogied into the hearts of his student by dancing to Aamir Khan’s iconic ‘Bum Bum Bole’ to cheer him up on first day of school.

With his amazing dance movies, the teacher affectionately called as the ‘Groovy Guru’ transformed the nervous first day school into a dance party extravaganza. As the beats kicked in, so did the smile on the face of the little boy.

The video begins with a little boy being too nervous on his first day of school. The video captures the teacher’s heartwarming gesture to ease the young student’s nerves.

With each dance move, the teacher showed not only his extra-curricular talent but also his knack to make learning a joyous adventure. His unconventional and friendly approach not only made the student and his classmates comfortable, but also set the tone for exciting school days ahead.

Sharing the video, the dance teacher with Instagram Id @allidoisfun wrote, “First day of school is always tough 🫡 Its teacher’s duty to make them comfortable 🫶”

Shared on Instagram, the video has evoked sentiments of empathy from social media users.

“That's my little brother. He came home depressed and stressed that day. I asked him what happened. He said shayad chips mang raha tha,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “He is thinking that this is some type of a cult and he is about to be sacrificed once the cult dance ends.”

“Bro is stressed about his JEE Mains,” commented a third user.