Cassian Baliarsingh

Indian weddings are no lesser than a grand festival. From sangeet night to Mehendi, every event has a special significance. Several videos of brides and grooms from such functions often go viral on social media.

Meanwhile, an adorable video of a groom pampering his bride, feeding, caressing and kissing her has the internet’s heart. The cute moment unfolded during the bride’s Mehendi. In the viral video, we can see the groom and the bride twinning in pastel green outfits for their Mehendi.

As the bride is busy with her mehendi, the grooms feeds her with fruits. He also pecks on the bride’s forehead and cheeks before taking pictures with her. Netizens cannot get enough of the adorable video and passed the groom as a ‘green flag’.

A popular Instagram page shared the video and wrote, “All grooms-to-be, take notes. Gotta make the 4-6 hours of Mehendi worth it and entertaining.”

As expected, the video went viral with millions of views and around 177K likes on social media with netizens pouring in adorable comments for both the bride and the groom in the comments section.

“Girl you deserve Better yeh wala mujhe dede,” commented a user. Another user wrote, “Yeh groom amazon mein kitne ka milega?”

“Doesn't the groom remind of Sushant Singh Rajput??” shared another user.