Soumya Prakash Pradhan

People travel by various means ranging from traditional bullock carts, bicycles, and scooters to modern bikes, trains, and airplanes. Some even opt for unique choices like monocycle.

Recently, a video went viral on the internet featuring a man from Surat riding an unusual monocycle.

In this video, the man can be seen riding a monocycle with a large tire that fully encloses the rider.

The Instagram account @iamsuratcity shared this video with the caption, "What do you think about this? 😍🔥🛵".

The video has gained significant attention, with 8.3 million views and 367,000 likes on social media.

The background music of the video was edited to include the song ‘Musafir Hoon Yaron,’ originally sung by Kishore Kumar in the 1972 movie ‘Parichay.’

Many social media users were reminded of the Gyrocycle, a vehicle featured in the ‘Men in Black’ franchise.

As the video gained popularity, one user commented, "Is Kaka a time traveler from the future? 🔥," while another humorously said, "What happens if it rains? He'll get covered in mud! 😂"

Yet another user exclaimed, "I had seen this in the 'Men in Black' movie for the first time. Today, I witnessed it in real life. 🔥🔥"