Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

"With great powers come great responsibilities..." This famous Spider-Man quote is certainly applicable in real life. It becomes the responsibility of a powerful being to give their best efforts to carry out good works that would be helpful to others. There are several fictional stories and tales of superheroes that must have somehow inspired many in real life. Even, real-life heroes do exist in this world, who get identified by their actions.

But, have you ever heard of a Superdog in real life that saved the planet from destruction?

Well, it sounds certainly fascinating as well as unbelievable. Here we bring a video that has some resemblance to the above statement. But, the action of the 'Superdog' might tickle your funny bones and win your hearts.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet in which a dog can be seen trying to stop a small whirlwind. The canine jumps over the whirlwind with all its efforts to ‘destroy’ it. Somehow, it succeeds in stopping the wind motion, but, as soon as it moves aside, the whirlwind again gains momentum. The dog again jumps over it and forces it to move away from the road.
Though it was not a very strong whirlwind and the canine was not a "Superdog" with great powers, it didn't fear the wind in motion.

The caption for the video reads: Tornado didn't stand a chance. (sic)

Moreover, the text over the video reads (Brave puppy destroys tornado and saves the planet. (sic)

The video shared on Instagram by doggy_delightful has won the hearts of netizens. Users have showered love on the cute dog and his heart-warming actions. The video has so far been liked over 231K times and the comments section is flooded with hilarious comments.

One user wrote, “Letting your dog get that close to a tornado will inevitably transform him into something much more powerful: Dognado” (sic)

Another user commented, “Welcome to Avengers MR. Dog...” (sic)

“the krypto dog,” wrote a third user. (sic)