Cassian Baliarsingh

A terrifying video of a girl seen playing and spending the day with a cheetah inside a cage has left the internet divided. The girl’s fearlessness is grabbing the attention of social media users.

While people are praising the girl for her braveness, many others objected to keeping the cheetah inside a cage and tranqulizing it. The video was shared by the girl herself who goes by the name Sidhika Sharma.

Sharing the video, Sidhika just put a wink emoji in the caption. In the video, she can be seen playing with the cheetah. Dressed in a hot thigh-high slit skirt and a sexy bikini top, she was praised for her hot looks.


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“This is so awesome,” commented a user while another wrote, “Wow yaar.”

On the other hand, many social media users pointed out that the cheetahs were born to be free and not put in cages.

“It’s high time, we start realizing what value we are bringing to our life by enclosing these voiceless animals. If you really wish to take video go to wildlife sanctuary and take their videos in the natural habitats not for increasing your social media presence,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “They belong in the wild. Not in this cage.”

“On a serious note, stop showing off with these drugged and abused animals who belong to the wild,” wrote another user.