Cassian Baliarsingh

A video of a lion taking a midnight stroll in the streets of a Gujarat village has gone viral on social media platforms. This is not the first instance of lions entering a human habitat in Gujarat.

In recent years, several videos have gone viral showing the presence of the big cats in areas outside Gir National Park in Gujarat. Lions are increasingly being spotted at places near Gir of Gujarat.

Meanwhile, a video of a pack of street dogs chasing a lion that had strayed into a village has been going viral. The 30-second video shows a mighty lion entering a street and strolling around. Later, a pack of street dogs can be seen chasing it following which it runs away.

New Arena India shared the video and wrote, “Dogs chased away a lion in Gir, Gujarat.” After being shared on Twitter, the video has garnered over 161.1k views and 2278 likes with 308 retweets.

The video has garnered hilarious reactions from social media users in the comment section.

“Hence proved, Apni gali mein toh kutta bhi sher hota hai,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “It seems this village has more lions than humans.”

A third user wrote, “Lion’s right decision to move forward instead of getting entangled.”

“This proves that jhund me toh kutte nikalte hain. Sher akelta nikalta hai,” commented another user.

A few months back, a video of at least eight lions parading through the streets of a village in Gujarat had gone viral. Their visit, however, passed off without any mishap as the entourage disappeared into the darkness without causing any harm to any animals or humans.