Cassian Baliarsingh

In a hilarious turn of events, a desi ‘spiderman’ was arrested for riding a bike without a helmet. Not just helmet, the ‘spiderman’ was riding the bike with no number plate, mirrors or even license. 

Interestingly, he was giving a ride to his girlfriend who was also dressed as ‘spiderwoman’. The viral video shows ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Spiderwoman’ riding on a bike. It was shared on the youth’s Instagram account named ‘Indian Spidey Official’. 

The couple has been identified as Aditya and Anjali who are 20 and 19 years old respectively. 
The two run an Instagram page titled ‘Indian Spidey Official’ with their bio reading ‘Your friendly neighbourhood Indian spidey.” 

Dressed as ‘spiderman’ and ‘spiderwoman’ they roam around the streets of Delhi and create various contents.

The viral video starts with the ‘spiderman’ coming on a bike to pick up his ladylove. The girl who is waiting for him then walks up to his bike and the two shake hands in a stylish way. Later, they go on a bike ride on the streets of Delhi, trying various stunts.

After the video went viral, the Delhi traffic police arrested the two and issued a challan under Motor Vehicle Act. The X handle of Delhi Police, posting the video of ‘spider-couple’ wrote in the caption, “The real superhero is the one who follows traffic rules’.

The Delhi Police also shared a picture of the couple under police custody. Their arrest has received mixed reviews from netizens and led to hilarious memes and jokes on social media.