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Snakes and mongooses have been considered arch-rivals since time unknown. The rivalry between them is one of nature's most iconic confrontations. This natural enmity arises primarily from their respective positions in the food chain and the mongoose's unique adaptations that make it a formidable opponent for snakes. Mongooses are small carnivorous mammals and agile predators and have partial immunity to snake venom. Moreover, their thick fur, agility, intelligence, and audacious behaviour protect them from snake bites and they can quickly dodge strikes of the reptile. Mongooses often attack repeatedly and retreat to avoid strikes, eventually eliminating the reptile.

The typical encounter between a mongoose and a snake is a dramatic and intense battle. Mongooses actively hunt snakes, not just for food but also to eliminate potential threats. Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows an intense battle between a snake and a mongoose.

In the video, the snake is seen outside a house while the mongoose sneaks in from behind the reptile. With its best calculations, the mongoose launches a sudden attack on the snake. However, the alert reptile instantly dodges the attack. Then the mongoose tries to bite the snake's tail but fails. Immediately, it takes a leap towards the snake's neck and fails again. Not in a mood to step back, the mongoose continues to attack the snake multiple times. However, all trick of the mongoose fails. However, the video ends with an incomplete conclusion and both the mongoose and snake score the same.

Another video shows a huge cobra fleeing from a mongoose on a golf course. While the mongoose continues to stare, the reptile swiftly crawls away from the threat. However, after crawling to a distance, the cobra stops and turns back. On the other hand, the mongoose averts the confrontation and runs into the bush.

While the origin of the videos couldn't be obtained, shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Nature is Amazing, the first video has been viewed over 8.2 million times and the second video has amassed 18 million views. Moreover, the first video has been liked by over 14K users and the second has garnered over 74K likes. Netizens have flooded the comments section with different videos of similar instances.

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