Cassian Baliarsingh

A young couple was greeted by an unexpected guest during their pre-wedding photoshoot in a river. As the couple sit on the river to take pictures, a snake appears from nowhere and slithers through them.

The horrifying video of the snake slithering through the couple as they control themselves and hide their fear has now taken over social media. Although the bride-to-be is on the verge of screaming in fear, her fiancé manages to hold her hand and manage the situation.

Luckily, the snake goes away without causing any disturbance to the couple while the camera persons stand there numb in fear. 

In the video, we can see a young couple sitting on a river to take photos. The camera persons can be seen discussing the angle and photo ideas. Meanwhile, a snake comes from nowhere gracefully slithering through the water.

A camera person spots the snake first and informs everyone. Instead of jumping out of the water in fear, the couple opts for silence rather than cause disturbance to the snake. Fortunately, the snake swiftly vacates the area without harming anyone.

The video was later shared on Instagram and has been going viral. The caption of the video reads, “Scary and Funny moment between pre-wedding shoot. Snake comes to watch the pre-wedding shoot.”

Since being shared online, the video has already garnered over 5.1 million views with social media users praising the couple for their brave act.

“Bro the way she stays calm with him, trying to suppress her fear by holding his hand💗💖” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “He's very brave and handled the situation very calmly. She completely trusts him. What a great bonding.”

“How calm they are sitting 😂, other couples would have jumped here and there. Maybe it is his ex,” a third user commented.