Poonam Singh

Snake bites woman as she tries to plant a kiss on its head; watch horrific video

A show of affection turned awry for a female tourist while she was trying to kiss a snake when the snake turned its head back and bites her face. The video of the incident has now gone viral on social media. 

In the viral video, two men can be seen standing with the serpent, seemingly unbothered by its potential threat. Then a woman, who appears to be a tourist, can be seen approaching them. She was intrigued by the magnificent creature and could be going forward to plant a kiss on its scaly head.

However, her fascination seemed to be turned into horror within a matter of seconds as the snakes bit in her face.

The snake, perhaps feeling threatened by the woman's sudden intrusion, strikes out in defence, biting her in the face. Shock and panic ensue, as onlookers rush to her aid. The video ends abruptly, leaving viewers to ponder what happened to the women.

The video spread like wildfire on various social media platforms, amassing millions of views and shares within hours of being uploaded.

Netizens were concerned for the woman but expressed their disapproval with one saying, “Dumb ways to die.”

While, others found a light-hearted moment, saying, “So cute he kissed her back,” and “Snake was like- one kiss is all it takes to fall in love with me.”  A fourth expressed, “She wanted a kiss ... She got a love bitee....”