Poonam Singh

Weddings are auspicious occasions that bring families together. However, for this groom, his wedding became a cause for a double celebration after his sister surprised his family at the venue, resulting in a beautiful reunion.

According to reports, the groom’s sister had left for the United Kingdom to take up a job just days before the wedding date. So, she was unable to come. And, her brother also understood and tried to cheer her up by saying ‘your career is important’. 

However, deep down, she knew that she couldn’t miss the most important day of his brother's life. So, she consulted her colleagues and decided to attend her brother’s wedding and give him a surprise.

She called her brother and told him that she was coming for his big day. The groom was overwhelmed by his sister's surprise but the brother-sister duo decided to keep her arrival a secret as they wanted to surprise their family.

Eager to see her family, the girl found the flight back to India- the “longest flight" of her life. She stayed with the family of his brother’s best friend and arrived at the wedding just as the groom was about to apply the sindoor to the bride.

In the viral video, the young woman can be seen rushing to the wedding stag amid the crowd. The clip shows her parents jumping in joy.

The video was shared by one Shraddha Shelar on her Instagram account. Posted on December 9, 2022, the video has amassed 382K views on Instagram and over 43.2K likes. 

The video triggered an array of reactions on Instagram. While many social media users were elated to see the happy family reunion, some weren’t amused by the surprise act as they felt the bride was being overshadowed.

One of the users wrote, “Don’t you think it was the bride’s day and your brother’s day and you should not have stolen the limelight and attention they should have got.”  Another commented that they felt sorry for the bride and the woman could have chosen a better time for her surprise.