Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Rare melanistic tigers with broad black stripes running across their bodies have been multiple times spotted in Odisha’s Similipal Tiger Reserve. These tigers have black stripes thicker than those seen on normal tigers and those are so much thicker that their tawny skin colour is barely visible. Everyone was shocked after the regular sightings of the rare big cats. 

Recently, the Odisha government announced the establishment of the world’s first melanistic tiger safari. And now the rare tigers are being monitored continuously in the reserve.

Now, an incredible video of a golden tiger surfaced on social media that has left everyone stunned.

The clip shows a member of an extremely rare species of the royal majestic animal. In the video, the extremely rare big cat can be seen roaming around inside the Kaziranga National Park in Assam.

Indian Forest Service official Susanta Nanda shared a picture and a video of the majestic big cat. The caption for the post read: 16 different colourations are possible from the normal Tiger. Here is one unusual wonder from that-the Golden Tiger of Kaziranga. Majestic to its core. (sic)

The video was shared a few days ago on social media by Assam CM and the state’s forest department as well.

In the video, the tiger is seen slowly walking on a trail in the jungle. The big cat keeps moving for some time before disappearing inside a bush on the side of the road. 

The royal big cat was an adult male Bengal tiger with a golden morph. The rare sight was captured on camera after three years of elusive sightings. As per TOI reports, the incident took place when a Coimbatore-based tourism professional was guiding two Australian tourists through the western side of the park’s Bagori range. The excited tourist guide continuously captured photographs of the golden tiger.

Soon, the video went viral and has been viewed massively. The comments section is also flooded with remarks from netizens who were left stunned by the rare sighting of the golden tiger.