Poonam Singh

After the bride and the groom, the priest or panditji is the most important person at a wedding as he is the person who solemnizes the marriage. Recently, a video of a priest officiating a wedding went viral on the internet for his hilarious explanation about rituals to the couple.

In the viral video clip, you can see that the bride and groom sitting in a wedding hall and the priest trying to explain what the bride should follow after marriage. 

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At the beginning of the video, Panditji said, "Pativrata Dharm, Pati ka har kahna mana,” he went on to explain that the wife should follow every words of the husband. To explain it, he gives an example, “If the husband says that ‘my four friends are coming so make some tea for them, don’t say you can’t make it because you are busy with work or ask him to make it in front of them. Rather, you can later ask him not to bring his friends home.”

On hearing this, the bride and the groom could not control their laugh and can be seen laughing out loud along with their friends and family present at the wedding.

The video, shared by a user called “kailashsingh.bangari”, has over 1 million views and 73.5K likes and hundreds of comments.

The video clip is winning hearts on the internet with netizens loving the priest’s hilarious explanation.

"Lgta hai pandit ji ke sath ye ghatna ghat chuki hai," commented one used while another echoed the priest and wrote, "Ye pandit ji ne kaam ki baat ki hai. "Another netizen wrote, "Ye pandit ji kaha milenge.”