Soumya Prakash Pradhan

People desirous to get a six-pack or maintain fitness often flock to gyms. However, there are many who choose not to join a gym but prioritise a healthy body by engaging in daily exercise routines. 

Those who stick to regular exercise routines tend to stay fit and feel great.

Recently, a video went viral on the internet. This video showcases a young man exercising without a trainer, and it features an adorable pet cat that seems to be quite the workout companion.

In the video, the man doing crunches with a cute little cat beside him. The cat playfully nudges him forward to keep up with the exercise.

This adorable video was shared on Instagram with the caption "Personal trainer 😄."

It is quite amusing to watch the small cat on the mat while the man performs sit-ups.

The cat even extends one of its legs to help the man in a truly beautiful moment. You can watch the video here:

Since being shared online earlier this year, the video continued to gain views and likes.

It has garnered over 38 million views and received 3,002,112 likes, along with numerous comments.

In the comments section, internet users expressed their thoughts.

One user humorously wrote, "PURRsonal Trainer!" Another said, "Bro's meowtivating 😹," and another joked, "Rumour has it he's still helping him do sit-ups." Yet another user exclaimed, "Omg I loved this. Cat personal trainer lol tooooo cute."