Manoj Kumar Jena

We all know the hardships of finding a seat inside the general coach of a train. Passengers take up various tricks from putting a ‘handkerchief on a seat’ to hiring coolies to grab a seat for them. Sometimes tension erupts among passengers over the same.

Recently, a video went viral that unfolded such a situation where an elderly person and a youth can be seen fighting over a seat on a moving train. 

The video has been shared on the official X (formerly Twitter) handle of user 'Ghar Ke Kalesh' with the caption, “Kalesh b/w a Young Guy and Old man inside Indian Railway's, Over the old man wanted the Full seat.”

In the video, it can be seen that the old man was having an altercation with the young guy who was sitting next to him. As per the claim, when the old man made a moment to grab the full seat next to him, an altercation began with the youth and it soon turned into a fistfight. 

The man who was filming the incident could be heard giving his reactions. Besides, other passengers on the train were also shocked to see the fight. 

The clip ended abruptly without showing what finally happened or who grabbed the seat at last.

The video has amassed 219.7K views so far with netizens sharing their funky remarks in the comments section. 

“The young man is wearing a T-shirt with the word "CALM" written on it,” a user wrote while another user said, “He must have called the TC instead of creating this scene.”

Watch the viral clip below: