Poonam Singh

Wedding videos are one of the most watched viral videos on the internet with almost a new video popping up on our screens daily. One such wedding video has now gone viral on social media in which the priest's (panditji’s) hilarious commentary made the bride and the groom to laugh their belly out.

The viral video, which has now taken the Internet by storm, the bride and the groom dressed in their wedding outfits, can be seen comfortably sitting by the 'havan kund' for the rituals. They are listening carefully to the words of the panditji, however, they start laughing out loud hearing his hilarious commentary.  Panditji tells the groom that 'from today the bride is now his ‘DP’'.

As soon as panditji spoke this, the bride and the groom could not understand anything and asked the meaning of DP. On this, the priest says in a very funny way that, DP does not mean display picture but “dharam patni”

On hearing this, the bride and the groom could not control their laugh and can be seen laughing out loud along with their friends and family present at the wedding. 

The video shared by a page called “myshadowbeats” has over 77.3K views and thousands of likes and comments.

The video clip is winning hearts on the internet with netizens loving the priest’s hilarious antics.

"It was fantastic," commented one used while another echoed the priest and wrote, "Pandit ji's saying is true.........." Another netizen wrote, "I thought Deepika Padukone.”