Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Customers have multiple grievances against banks and their services. Customers may be dissatisfied over some issues pertaining to the service or some may even have complaints about the rude behaviour of the employees. 

While arguments between customers and employees are quite a common thing inside banks, have you ever witnessed an intense fight?

Here we bring a video that recently surfaced on the internet in which two customers barged inside the branch and started physically assaulting one employee and later picked up a fight with others.

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As seen in the video, two men enter the branch while the employees were busy with their work. Suddenly, one of them starts hitting one employee. He continues hitting the employee which draws the attention of other employees.

Meanwhile, another employee tries to stop the customer but the second man interferes and starts hitting him. 

Some other employees also step ahead to intervene, but to no avail. Out of rage, he also kicked the employee multiple times and it was then when an elderly employee stopped him and pushed him away. 

However, he again rushed towards him and hit him. A few moments later, the bank employees finally were able to stop him. After discussing for a few moments, the enraged customers left the branch and the employees tried to pacify the victim.

The video shared on Twitter by Dhruv Mishra is a CCTV footage, which he claims is from Bank of India’s branch in Nadiad.