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Beards and moustaches significantly alter a man's appearance. The facial hair transforms facial structure, highlights or softens features, and conveys various styles and attitudes. Beards and moustaches also impact personality and style. However, it depends on the other person, how she/he will perceive a man with beard and moustache. But, a recent video proves that these facial hairs have a major impact on the appearance of men and getting clean shaved will leave them unrecognised.

Recently, a video surfaced on social media that shows the reactions of several kids after seeing their 'beardless' or clean-shaven fathers.

The first clip shows a girl entering a room. Suddenly, she yells, "Noooo." She rushes outside and the camera pans towards a man sitting on the floor, smiling. Soon the girl comes back with her younger brother. Surprisingly, the boy sees his dad and silently walks towards his mother. From his expression, he seems sad and starts crying. Well, it seems, both the girl and boy couldn't recognize their clean-shaven dad. 

The next video shows another man playing with his little girl while covering his face with a cloth. The cute girl seems to be happy while sitting on her father's lap. But, as soon as he uncovers his face, the little girl gets surprised and sad. Soon, she also starts crying. 

The third clip shows a similar incident. However, the kid didn't cry. But, she is stunned after finding the shaved-off man and runs away from him.

The next clip shows a little girl crying after seeing the 'unrecognisable' man and holding her father tight. 

The next two clips show two 'heartbroken' kids who couldn't see their father without a beard.

While the source of the video couldn't be verified, it is shared on X by Nitelikli Mizah and reshared by The Best. The video has been viewed by over 1 million users and liked by over 8.3K users. Even the comments section is flooded with interesting reactions. 

Reacting to the video as one of the kids, a user wrote, "Mommy why did you let a stranger in the house." (sic)

"Kids didn’t like fathers after removing their beards," wrote a second user. (sic)

A third user wrote, "The change is probably too drastic for them." (sic)

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