Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Elephants are the largest and most powerful living giants in the animal kingdom residing on the land. Rarely any animal species dares to mess up with the giant jumbos. While it is easy for predators to hunt down the young elephant calves, no other animal walks close to them for the threat of getting crushed. However, there are sightings of Rhinoceros and other such strong adult animals locking horns with the jumbos. 

But, would anyone believe his/her eyes if they came across a sighting of a buffalo calf chasing a huge elephant that is several times larger and stronger?

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows the unbelievable incident of a buffalo calf chasing a huge elephant to 'protect' its mother. What happens next is even more surprising.

In the video, the calf is seen charging the huge jumbo while the buffalo is standing close to them. Though the calf is quite small in size, it tries to attack the huge giant. Surprisingly, instead of defending or retaliating the attack, the jumbo trumpets and continues to step back while the mother buffalo runs behind its calf for backup. 

Finally, the elephant runs away to avoid the confrontation.

While the source of the video couldn't be obtained, shared on X by Nature is Amazing, it has been viewed by over 631.6K viewers. Over 5.8K users have liked the post and several have flooded the comments section with interesting notes.

One user wrote, "From what I can tell, it seemed like the Calf got foolish, and the elephant was kind. The Buffalo was just in time to restrain her kid." (sic)

"Although the elephant is very big, it doesn't want to hurt the little buffalo. The little buffalo is also very brave to save its mother," wrote another user. (sic)

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