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It is rightly said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Life is too short to be bored. So, it is wise to choose a job that fulfills one’s passion, brings joy and keeps others entertained.

And if you’re waking up each morning dreading the day and not enjoying your work like this viral ‘dancing umpire’ from Odisha, it’s high time you find something new.

Without any doubt, this umpire from Odisha clearly knows how to turn heads with his dance moves.

Umpiring is not an easy job. An umpire has to stand under the sun and do his job while the players mostly take away all the attention. But, this dancing umpire from Odisha has stolen the thunder of both batters and bowlers, thanks to his dance moves like iconic dance king Govinda.


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Many of us have heard of Billy Bowden who is known for his special style of umpiring, but this local ‘desi’ umpire will entertain you to the fullest. Now, a video of him grooving to the tunes of Govinda and thoroughly enjoying his work has been going viral on social media.

He has been dubbed as the ‘dancing umpire’ of Odisha. 

In the video, you can see him dressed in a yellow t-shirt, gloves and hat like an international empire. As soon as a batter hits a six, he gets into his dance mood.

His Govinda-style dance moves and hilarious ways of umpiring has become a craze in local cricket matches. He is being invited to umpire all the local cricket matches in and around the state capital.

Apart from watching the batters and bowlers, sports lovers throng the matches to watch him dance and he makes sure no one returns home without being entertained.

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