Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The internet is filled with many amusing incidents. Recently, a girl named Manya's post became viral on the internet.

She shared a picture on the X platform with a caption that read, "Can someone please remove this hand... ??🥺".

In the photo, her face was partially blocked by a hand, prompting her to ask for it to be edited out.

Manya reached out to her followers on social media, requesting them to use their creativity to edit the picture and remove the unwanted hand.

Her post garnered 1.5 million views and received numerous likes and replies.

Social media users quickly responded with imaginative editing suggestions. They shared their edits with Manya, offering various versions of the photo.

One user edited the picture, removing the hand and replacing the background with a snowy flower scene, giving it a stunning look.

Another edit depicted Manya as a royal queen, with the hand removed. She expressed her gratitude by saying "Thank you" in response to the edits.

Another creative edit added a Bollywood touch to the picture, featuring a 'Jal Lijiye' meme-themed look.

In another edit, Manya was humorously portrayed in a Sholay-inspired look, showcasing the creativity of the internet users.

There was also an edit where Manya was depicted as a professional woman wearing a black suit.

Additionally, there were edits transforming Manya into a bride, demonstrating the widespread interest in her post across the internet.

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