Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Tollywood Prince Mahesh Babu's last release 'Guntur Kaaram' failed to recreate his box office magic, but the sequences and songs of the movie, especially 'Kurchi Madathapetti' have catapulted the audience. Social media is filled with reels and dance videos of the popular song.

A particular video of two girls dancing to the sizzling item number has the internet's heart. The viral video on the internet showcases the two girls dancing gracefully in sarees, adding a unique twist to their moves.

Since being shared on Instagram, this captivating video has amassed 2.6 million views and 235K likes, along with numerous comments.

The talented dancers, Sridhanya Harihar and Ramya Ranganathan, boast a substantial fan following on their Instagram accounts.

In this viral video, the girls perform a swag dance to the tune of the song "Kurchi Madathapetti".

Originally, these dance steps were performed by Mahesh Babu and Sreeleel in the movie. One girl dons a green saree while the other wears pink, both with their hair down, executing the swag and mash style dance steps flawlessly, capturing the hearts of many netizens.

The choreography is both stunning and captivating, syncing perfectly with the lyrics of the song.

Comments flooded the video's comment section, with users expressing awe and admiration for the dancers' talent.

Phrases like "Atom bombs 😍", "Actually no one can do this dance... What a dance Baby", and "fire dance" are the most common reactions, showcasing the immense popularity and impact of this viral video.

This apart, the video is filled with fire and heart-shaped emojis.