Rashmi Ranjan

They say 'make friendship with animals, and they won’t disappoint you as they often display the purest form of bonhomie'. They just expect a kind approach and compassion from us, and in return they can go an extra mile to make your day.

Recently, a video of true friendship between a monkey and man from Batticaloa in Eastern Sri Lanka surfaced on the internet leaving the netizens emotional. 

In the video, which was shared by one Aslaw CC, a monkey can be seen attending the last rites of a man who used to offer food and take good care of it. 

The internet users were moved by the money’s approach in the video in which it can be seen sitting next to the man’s body and trying to wake him up.  

The video went viral as soon as it was uploaded on the Twitter. The video so far has garnered around 20000 views and got over 300 retweets and around 900 likes.

Touched by the monkey’s approach one user wrote, “Animals always has the emotions and love toward thier master. Very sad to see 🙈🙈🙈” while another user wrote, “Unconditional love of the animal world. Human beings have reduced the relationships to need based ones. Very touching sight!”

“In God's creation every specie except human know gratitude. Heart warming gesture,” wrote another Twitterati.