Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Monkeys are naturally mischievous and playful animals. They also enjoy play-fighting, chasing, and stealing from others. While some monkeys are gentle, others can be aggressive at times. However, behaviour of these primates are certainly unpredictable.

Social media is abundant with videos showing mischievous and playful monkeys. Even monkeys can horrify humans with their actions. However, have you ever seen any monkey kidnapping a human child?

Well, a video recently surfaced on social media that shows a monkey 'attempting to kidnap a toddler.'

In the video, the monkey arrives on a toy bike and approaches a bench where two toddlers, a woman and a young girl can be seen sitting. While the woman is holding a toddler, the other is sitting on the bench.

The monkey throws the toy bike frightening everyone sitting on the bench. Surprisingly, the primate pulls the leg of the toddler sitting on the bench. The girl falls down on the floor while the monkey runs away. However, again it turns back and pulls the toddler by her hand. It drags the little girl on the floor and tries to escape. However, it flees the spot after intervention of other people.

Well, the monkey seems to be a pet and trained as it is seen riding the toy bike. However, the monkey's action could have injured the little girl. But, its 'attempt to kidnap' the little girl failed miserably.

Though the origin of the video couldn't be obtained, shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Crazy Clips has gone viral. The video has amassed massive views and reshared by users. Moreover, the video has been liked by several users.