Cassian Baliarsingh

If a man wants a happy married life, then he has to excel in the art of handling his wife, especially an angry/moody wife. Although this art comes with time and experience, every man cannot master the art to handle his wife.

But, if you want happiness, peace and love in your married life, then you have to figure it out yourself as it is a self-learning process. A few seconds of bad mood of a wife and you may go hungry the whole day. 

A man had to curse his fate after he involuntarily compared his wife to actress Kiara Advani. The poor man had to stay hungry for his little careless mistake. Despite repeated requests to beg pardon and lighten up his wife, the man was thrown out of the kitchen with no food.

The entire video on the wife’s antics was shared on Twitter by a social media user named Praveen. Sharing the video, Praveen wrote, “When husband compares his wife with Kiara Advani!”

The 52 seconds video opens with an angry wife cooking at the kitchen. She seems to be in angry mood as her husband tries to pacify her and speak sense to her.

“Don’t get angry darling, I’m sorry. She is an actress. You are getting angry as if I’m going to marry her,” says the man.

To which the wife replies, “Go marry her, you don’t have to stay here.”

The man again replies, “Yes, she is dying to marry me,” to which the wife replies, “No, no she will marry you. All the girls are dying to marry you.”

“I like her as an actress. Can I not like any actress,” the man asks.

“Then, why did you compare me with Kiara Advani. Am I an actress?” the wife quips again.

“I wanted to say she is acting well,” the man says again.

This time the wife says, “Get out from here, you will not get food today.”

The cute conversation of the wife and husband is now going viral on social media. After being shared online, the video has garnered over 84.8K views and the numbers are increasing.

A fan wrote, “Dekh Ke Bhai, Ghar Se Bahar Kardegi,” while another user wrote, “Woh Stree Hai Woh Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hai.”