Poonam Singh

The bond between a mother and her child is irreplaceable and transcends all that is deemed beautiful, not only for humans but also animals. In a heart-wrenching video, which is going viral on social media, a mother elephant is seen desperately trying to get help from humans to save her calf.

In the viral video, a frantic mother elephant can be seen desperately asking for help from passersby. 

However, seeing the tusker on road, people are frightened are seen avoiding it. Some people even try to shoo away the animal by bursting crackers, but she doesn't give in and tries to make people understand that she needs help.

Later in the video, it is seen the tusker is leading some humans into the fields, near a ditch, where her calf has fallen into. The kind-hearted people gathered there to try to help by digging the mud near the ditch so that they can rescue the calf and help it unite with her mother who was waiting for her in the woods, nearby.

The baby elephant took the hint and walked on the path created by the people and went straight to its mother standing behind the woods.

The video shared was shared on April 11, 2022 on a YouTube channel named Nature and Heritage. 

A user Ramakumar Rajagopalan commented, “Nothing can match a MOTHERS LOVE which living may on this universe.”

Another user wrote, “Guess I'm starting my day off with a good cry. 😢” “Oh mamma's love,” wrote a user named, Nisha S.

Watch the video below: