Poonam Singh

Maggi and pani puri stand out as two of India's most cherished dishes. However, the concept of integrating the beloved instant noodles into street food as a filling came as a surprise to many.

Netizens were shocked after an Instagram user posted a video featuring Maggi pani puri. Yes, you read that right: Maggi Pani Puri.

In the video, a woman is seen replacing the typical potato filling with instant masala noodles in the pani puri shells. To top it off, she adds tomato sauce and coriander leaves before trying the dish.

As Maggi-pani puri becomes a trend, foodies took to social media to express their cringe. 

The video shared on Instagram, has garnered 244K views and hundreds of comments. Netizens had a lot to say about it. Most expressed their disgust in the comments section. However, a section of Twitterati found this food combo appealing.

"The person who made this is still alive?" commented one user. "Another kachara destroying the original recipe," wrote another. 

"Golgappe just got ruined for me forever," read another comment.
Earlier, a street vendor from Ahmednagar offered a unique twist to the classic Pani Puri. The vendor has been relishing the taste buds of his customers with her unique rainbow pani puris, boasting vibrant shades of violet, red and yellow.