Rashmi Ranjan

Falling in love with someone is indeed the greatest feeling for many. While some put in all efforts to make their love story a successful one by giving a name to their relationship, some fail and leave their partner halfway due to several reasons.

But moving on from the relationship is what makes things even more difficult. 

Recently, a video has surfaced on the internet where a youth can be seen interacting with the bride. While interacting, he held the bride’s hand but the bride loosened the grip following which he knelt down before the bride and started crying.

Though the identity of the man is not clear it is believed that he was in love with the bride whom he could not marry.

As seen in the video, the guy is seen where the newlywed is sitting together at the wedding venue. The man holds the hand of the bride and tried to convince her of something.

But when his efforts yielded no results, he suddenly goes down on his knees and with folded hands tries to convince the bride again. He also held the bride’s leg and pleaded. But all in vain! Meanwhile, the guests present at the venue are also trying to stop the youth. The groom also stands up from his place.

Later, he moves the groom and tries to say something when the guests attempt to disperse him.

The video so far has garnered over 35000 views and 2400 likes.