Poonam Singh

Real-life incidents sometimes surpass those shown in movies and one such bizarre incident that took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Bhadohi is an apt example.

According to a ZEE Rajasthan report,  a youth whose girlfriend was getting married wanted to meet her for one last time before her wedding. However, due to the marriage rituals, the girl could not step out of the house. So, the lover devices a unique plan to meet his girlfriend.

The lover planned to dress up as a girl and go to meet the bride at her house. He did a complete makeover as a girl. He dressed in a pretty red lehenga with proper makeup. He also wore a wig and covered his face with a veil to trick the bride’s family so that he could meet his girlfriend. 

When the youth dressed as a girl arrived at the girl's home and was on his way to meet her, the family member of the girl suspected his behaviour and questioned him. The lover’s ploy didn’t work and he was caught by the girl's family. He tried to run away but they chased and caught him.

As soon as the family members of the girl caught her lover, everyone started making videos of him. The lover kept hiding his face with the veil and asked to leave him. Later, somehow he managed to escape from the clutches of the girl's family with the help of his friends.

Watch the viral video here:

The video was shared on Instagram by an account called @memewalanews. The video has garnered a lot of attention from netizens who pitied the youth for his act. 

While one user wrote “Bhai Maan gaya, ishq acche accho ko nikamma bana deta hai,” another commented, “Turu lob” with fire emojis.