Poonam Singh

In our day-to-day lives, we often hear about couples fighting with each other over trivial issues. While some of these fights are light-hearted, for some, it is their way of showing love.  In most of these fights, men surrender to their partner as they know they can't upset their spouse.

Recently, a video of an adorable video of a lion and lioness went viral on the internet in which the King of the Jungle and his queen can be seen bickering with the lioness forcing the lion to move away from its cub. However, the lion tries to maintain its “dominance” by letting out a little roar before going away.

The video was shared by Marlon du Toit, a professional African Safari guide on his Instagram page, and had over 2.1 million views and 11k likes till the filling of this report.

He captioned the post, "That moment when she’s just about had enough of your nonsense. It happened in public though so you just gotta walk off the shame a little, let out a little roar of “dominance” although you know you just been schooled by the queen herself 😂  Men are men, regardless of species!"

Marlon also explained why, lioness was forcing away the lion from coming near it as it was guarding its cub .

"This lioness was keeping this male away from her cubs. He was a little too curious & the cubs were very young. Her aggressive reaction eventually drove the message home (took a few attempts) and the cubs could join the rest of the pride knowing their mom had instilled a sense of fear into all of them, haha." added Marlon in the caption

The video was loved by the netizens who rooted for the lioness and felt sorry for the King of the Jungle.

Here are some of the comments: " lover's tiff, nothing to worry about.", " Wouldn't mess with her 😮😂🔥❤️", "Goals🔥 " and " Lionesses don't play you know. They won't take any bullshit, even from a lion😳"