Vikash Sharma

Many people are found spending hours watching several reels, funny and other videos on various social media platforms on a daily basis. It has now become an addiction for people across ages. The internet is also filled with a lot of content, both real and manufactured, either for fun or to raise some social issues.

Sometimes it also becomes difficult for a user to differentiate whether any video uploaded on social media and watched by them is a real incident or content created to gain traction or views.

Recently a video has generated a debate among social media users and at the same made people think twice before wasting food. In the video, a small boy can be seen taking out rice on a plate for himself.

Wearing a school uniform, the boy can be seen hurriedly taking rice from a vessel into his plate. Accidentally, some rice falls on the ground and the boy immediately puts it back on his plate.

Soon, the boy adds some salt and pours water, and starts eating his meal.

The video was shared by a user @price_trader_ on X (Formerly Twitter). Since its upload, the comment section has been flooded with a lot of comments.

A user wrote, “In our house, we have a rule that not even a grain should be left on the plate!! Respect for food is a must as we are privileged to have it on our plate, while most of the people aren't!.” (SIC)

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Another user commented, “Life is not fair. Neither poor are happy nor the rich. Rich are also stressed and burned out due to work and getting a heart attack. Some opt to suicide like the CCD founder. Life is not fair.” (SIC)

A third user said, “This video may be made for content...but there r many like this kid in real.” (SIC)