Cassian Baliarsingh

Food experiments by street vendors in India can sometimes seem like a journey into the multiverse of madness. After bizarre food combinations, a street vendor has now come up with an interesting culinary creativity that has been going viral on social media.

The intriguing culinary concoction involves everyone’s favourite Pani Puri. The street vendor from Ahmednagar, Gujarat has offered a unique twist to the classic Pani Puri. She has been relishing the taste buds of his customers with her unique rainbow pani puris, boasting vibrant shades of violet, red and yellow.

Interestingly, these colourful delights are made from Indian blackberries, beetroot and haldi, each contributing its distinct flavour to the pani puris. The lady street vendor claims that her pani puris are not artificially coloured and claims to have used purees of spinach and mint to create the vibrant waters that fill these rainbow pani puris.

She has been charging Rs 20 for a plateful of seven unique pani puris. The viral video has garnered mixed reactions from netizens on social media. While many praised the lady for her unique creation, others brutally trolled her for distorting the iconic street food.

“Deep fry doodh mai kiya hai?😂😂 marketing next level for calling anything 'healthy'😂😂,” commented a netizen.

Another user wrote, “If everything is so hygienic, I would suggest you should replace plastic utensils & jars with glass or steel.”

“Paani Puri simple j rakho .bahu variations na Lavo..🙏” commented another user.