Poonam Singh

They say marriages are made in heaven.  And, it seems quite true for a couple from Pakistan who irrespective of their background, educational qualification and financial status find their soul mate in each other. 

Kishwar Sahiba, an MBBS doctor married Shahzad, a housekeeping staff member who worked at the same hospital where she worked.

The couple's love story was shared on a YouTube channel called “Mera Pakistan”. The couple revealed how they met, fell in love and then married to live a blissful life now. 

Kishwar shared her first impression of Shehzad and said he didn’t seem to be a “chaiwala (tea maker)” or cleaner. Kishwar said she was smitten by the simplicity of Shahzad. And, she was the first to propose to him, however, Shahzad was a little taken by the proposal and tried to avoid her also. 

However, he later gave in and believes that he was lucky to meet and marry Kishwar, as in today's world everybody is after class, background and don't give importance to other things like love, loyalty and trust.

Shahzad revealed how the two met and started talking to each other. Shahzad said that he used to clean the rooms and serve tea at the offices of three doctors. One day Kishwar asked for his phone number to talk to him.

Following this, Kishwar revealed that he used to keep WhatsApp status, which Kishwar liked. But he thought it of nothing. Like these, the next six months went by but one day, Kishwar asked Shahzad to come to her office. Shazad was a little confused because usually, Kishwar asks to bring tea or clean the room but this was the first time she asked him to come for some different reason.

Later when Shazad went into Kishwar's office, she said that she has been dropping hints to him for the past six months but he is not getting it. And then, she proposed to him to marry. 

Shazad was stunned by the confession of Kishwar and immediately left the office without waiting for his shift to end. He quietly literally caught a fever after the proposal. 

After the wedding, the couple left their jobs as her friends and others taunted them. Meanwhile, Shazad has opened a medicine shop and now the couple is planning to open a clinic.