Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In India, many households eat Roti during dinner time, but the circular shape of Roti can be challenging for many homemakers.

However, nowadays, homemakers are using clever tricks to quickly and perfectly shape Roti, as shown in a viral video guide.

The video, which has gained popularity on social media, features a woman demonstrating how to make Roti efficiently.

She starts by rolling out the kneaded dough into a long roll and then flattens it with a rolling pin to the desired width.

Using a big bowl, she shapes the Rotis and cooks them on a heated griddle.

In the clip, the woman shapes four Rotis at once and places them on the griddle.

As the bottom Roti starts to cook, she flips it onto another burner. She repeats this process for the remaining Rotis.

The video, shared by Instagram user @rajput_jodi_, has been viewed over 28 million times.

As the video went viral, many people commented on it. One user said, 'Me esa banau toh mujhe ghar se nikal ke bahar feka de 🤣,' while another commented, 'Wo stri hai kuch bhi kar sakti hai 😂.'

Yet another user commented, 'Kya matlab... Aise roti banane ka jab usme koi swaad hi na ho' One user joked, 'Me to nahi khaun 😂,' and many more comments filled this viral video.